Have You A Bunion Of The Big Toe? What You Really Need To Know.

A more serious sort of everyday foot problem is bunions , which are formed inside the foot, rather than on the surface. A bunion is frequently a form of arthritis , or bone degeneration. It usually takes the form of a bony bump on the outside of your big toe, although bunions can sometimes appear on the top of the big toe joint or even on the little toe (often called a “bunionette”). Some podiatrists administer therapy that will hеlр cure уоur bunion Just gо to a podiatrist аnd aѕk аbоut thе dіffеrеnt food therapies that уou cаn tаke іn order to cope with your bunion

My foot was swollen and very tender and I could barely walk on it. I was apprehensive about having massage therapy on the sore foot but I knew I needed help. The Reflexology treatment was for 30 minutes and included massage and applying pressure to areas of the foot and leg that were sore. After the first session I could feel the increased circulation in my sore foot, as well as a release of stress in my other foot and leg which I relied on for most of my support in walking. As the sessions progressed the swelling decreased and I began to get flexibility back in my toes. bunion pain symptoms

So what if you don’t get an orthotics after bunion surgery? What could possibly happen? Well, by correcting the deformity and not the underlying mechanical cause of the deformity, you are likely to see that bunion returning over the next several years. The worst case I have seen is with a 25 year old woman. She had her first bunion surgery at age 16. In the following nine years, she had two more bunion surgeries. Not one of the doctors suggested the possibility of mechanical control with an orthotics to prevent future surgery. This, to me, is criminal!

Bunions may be treated by a change in your footwear, extra padding and shielding or orthotics which can be fitted by your Podiatrist. Also resting your foot and applying ice to the affected area. You can get bunion spacers, toe separators, and bunion splints. These treatments help with the symptoms but do not correct the deformity, only surgery may be necessary if the deformity is severe. But you will need an x-ray first to see the extent of the deformity. Surgery involves removing of the bony enlargement on the side of your foot, realigning and straightening of the big toe, also correcting any abnormal misalignment of your toe.

More recently less invasive bunion surgery techniques have met with some success. When Dr. Oz asked Judge Milian whether it was worth it after having gone through all the pain she did with her bunion current surgery, she told Dr. Oz that she will have to wait and see how it turns out for her. “I am hoping that I will be able to say without any question that it was probably worth it for me. It is very much an individual question for each person,” says Judge Milian. Jan 30, 2011 By Michelle Zehr Photo Caption Hamstring tightness can result from a pinched nerve. Photo Credit Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

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